Established in 1998, we have broadened our horizons and are poised, ready to face the challenges ahead, whilst always mindful of our absolute conviction towards INTEGRITY & RELIABILITY. In an ever changing market, INSTEEL has forged itself a respected industry name. We go beyond the call of duty, get to the root of the issues and work really, really hard!



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Easy Wire Pulling and Pushing


A significant market differentiator in choosing steel conduit systems is the internal friction of the wall in contact with the wires. The higher the friction, the shorter the distance wires can be pushed or pulled.


Every care is taken to ensure REXWAY conduit sytems are clean and even. Notably, the conduit's internal beads are well controlled, and the fittings interiors are debris free, and sharp edges removed. The interior of REXWAY conduit systems are functional in their grounding / earthing capabilities and the ever essential even, clean interior reduces friction for easy wire pulling and pushing.


Superior Galvanising


Galvanising is the practise by which zinc is metallurgically bonded over a steel substrate to provide protection ot the base metal. Hot dipped galvanising is widely regarded as offering the most superior of corrosion protection available because the zinc coating is very difficult to compromise. The zinc coating provides protection to the steel in two distinct ways:

(i) By shielding the base metal from the atmosphere

(ii) By providing anodic protection in the form of :


Galvanising is the chosen finish for most of REXWAY conduits and fittings products due to its superior protective advantage. Our galvanised products are manufactured in the following manner :



Precise Threading


A precise threading will minimize installation time. REXWAY conduit and fittings precise thread ensures a clean, smooth, perpendicular finish. This ensures a straight coupling position resulting in a continuous conduit line. The perpendicular thread finish facilitates easy fitting of conduit accessories which minimizes installation times.



REXWAY CPI Seamless Fire Sprinkle Pipe is made of carbon steel in accordance to the ASTM A53, A106 and UL852 standards.

  • Wall thickness can be either Schedule 40 or Schedule 80.
  • Sizes range from 1/2" to 14" for Schedule 40 and 1/2" to 8" for Schedule 80.
  • Finishing can be either black, painted or hot dip galvanized.

REXWAY existing range of conduits and fittings includes :

  • British Standard (BS)
  • Rigid Metal (RMC)
  • Intermediate Metal (IMC)
  • Electrical Metal (EMT)
  • PVC Coated
  • Fire Sprinkle